Outstanding Universal Value

The Outstanding Universal Value (OUV) of a World Heritage Site refers to its cultural and/or natural significance, which is so exceptional that it is of common importance for present and future generations of all humanity. The proposed outstanding universal value refers to the following three criteria:

  1. It is an exceptional testimony to a cultural tradition. The intact dykelands at Grand Pré are an exceptional example of the Acadian tradition of turning wetlands into highly fertile farmland.
  2. It is an outstanding example of a traditional land-use that is representative of human interaction with a distinctive environment. The enduring agricultural use of the dykeland and persistent settlement pattern on the upland at Grand Pré is an outstanding example of an adaptation to a distinctive coastal environment in North America.
  3. It is tangibly associated with living traditions and ideas of outstanding universal significance. Through its evocative memorials to a people who overcame a tragedy of a forced migration, the Acadian Deportation, Grand Pré is a symbol of hope, perseverance and pride for all humanity.

Outstanding Universal Value – Grand Pré’s Importance to the World (PDF)